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Infinity was born out of specialty optics for advanced biometric imaging solutions, including the smallest iris recognition technology that fits into most consumer devices.

Who Are We

Our deep knowledge of optics, and the Intelligent post quantization of biometric scan allows us to hold multiple patents in the biometric field to enable biometric verification with absolute privacy and enhanced security without referencing a stored template.

Today, and after 2 years of research in biometric cryptography, the company launched the award-wining technology, QuantumCrypt, that enables all biometrics to remove the need to store or encrypt-decrypt your biometric image in an attempt to hide sensitive biometric information that is used for matching. Any stored data can be stolen and used for malicious fraud and phishing activities.

The True Biometric Hash technology enables symmetric and asymmetric encryption in a single step. This allows safe and very secured biometric verification for both on-premise and Cloud servers across the various applications requiring identity verification.