Your True Biometric Hash is your key.
Register once, use anywhere and with any device


Face-based QuantumCrypt technology scans your face and collects stable, reliable, and always repeatable bits. These bits are randomized at registration but all independently retained for security reasons. A True Biometric Hash is then generated from the datapoints and is randomised for onward verification. It is infinitely repeatable using different datapoints every time.

Unlike traditional enrolment processes in all face technology, QuantumCrypt does not store nor hide any sensitive biometric data, templates or private keys using complex encryption-decryption techniques. We make it simple and a 1-step process for your architecture.


Present your face to the scanning device and QuantumCrypt will regenerate the exact same True Biometric hash to verify you in 1 sec.

There is also a built-in passive liveness detection layer to prevent any spoofing attempts.


Unlimited revocation and re-registration. A different True Biometric Hash will be generated every time.

QuantumCrypt registration, verification and public code portability between devices.

Mobile to mobile

Registration and verification. Any platform, anytime and anywhere.