Who we are

We believe that any deployment of biometrics shouldn’t interfere with pace of life. Biometric technologies should be seamless and non-intrusive.

Strongest biometric security made easy.

Unlike other conventional iris technologies, Infinity Optics’ embedded iris authentication system is fully optimized to work with the optical response of the Extended Depth-of-Field technology allowing more flexibilities compared to most iris authentication technology out there and more. Any third party face recognition system can be integrated into the same iris biometric device to provide a blended face and iris solution.

We also provide a host of other solutions for biometric cryptography and optical solutions for other biometrics, computational and machine vision.

We are different

We start with the user experience and work backwards to the technology. Infinity Optics is backed by a rich history in Extended Depth-of-Field Science.

Depth of Field

We bridge the gap

Bringing a leading biometric technology closer to users lead to opportunities for the market to embrace one of the most reliable, secure and accurate biometric technology for the future. We can bridge the gap between iris technologies and users

Remarkable usability and high security

Our knowledge of consumer smart devices lead us to develop a more advanced iris biometric system that allows authentication at remarkable distances and flexibility without having to stare at the device at a fixed distance for longer periods, lean forward or move back and forth. This increases user’s confidence and technology adoption. Biometric iris authentication technology has the lowest false acceptance rate, highest resistance to spoofing, implemented in the device’s security platform.

We bring confidence and convenience to users

Beyond the state-of-the-art technology, user experience matters most. We empower users by bringing a more advanced technology to the market without any trade-offs you’ve come to expect from a secure and reliable biometric.